Today’s Career Profile = I3 (Subject + Emotional + Social Intelligence)

In this episode, we explore how the ever-evolving work landscape and our individual career journeys shape the essential skills needed at each stage of a thriving career.

Leslie Ferry, the host, and Brize CEO, kicks things off by delving into how technology’s relentless progress reshapes the essence of work. It is no longer just about cognitive skills; it’s about elevating our cognitive abilities, effective collaboration, and cultivating a resilient and positive mindset.

She’ll then show how our job performance assessment shifts as we progress through our careers.

These two factors have created the career profile she and her team at Brize have aptly coined “I3” (I cubed) – a career profile that blends Subject, Emotional, and Social Intelligence.

Listen or watch to understand how these three pillars of intelligence converge to shape your path to success in the modern career landscape.