Strategic Presence – A State of Being at Work

Regardless of their position, individuals with strategic presence seem to know what needs to be done and how to do it.

The essence of strategic presence is making a positive impression on our colleagues, customers or clients, and partners at work. It is how we show up and engage at work. It is our traits, skills, and values that impact our behaviors. And those who possess positive characteristics are assertive at work and produce results that get recognition.

The attributes that enable strategic presence are:

  • Presence. Being actively engaged with others at work, whether in-person or via video. (No multi-tasking.)
  • Point-of-view. Bring fact-based opinions to discussions or lean on intuition powered by prior experiences when making suggestions.
  • Composure. A calm demeanor with an ability to manage emotions and not appear frazzled.
  • Effective Communicator. Present opinions or request support needs in a way that others understand—knowing the information an audience requires and presenting content based on what the audience needs to hear.
  • Learning Mindset powered by intellectual humility. Separating ego from ideas by knowing we might be smart but not always right.
  • Confidence. Knowing you can get a job done, even if you’ve never done it before.
  • Connections. Build strong working relationships.

Strategic presence leads to faster career growth and advancement.