Self-Guru is Now Brize

At Self-Guru, we have spent the last 14-months building resilience in the face of adversity we could never imagine, reflecting on our purpose and how we can achieve our mission.

During this time, we have listened closely to our users, understanding if we are on the right path, addressing their needs, and determining how we can continue to improve. As we emerge from the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are even more passionate about our goal of helping individuals elevate their self-awareness to self-empowerment in their careers.

To do that, we are excited to introduce an enhanced mobile app along with a new brand.

Self-Guru is now Brize, pronounced with a long “i” as in wise. Our new name better aligns with our mission of helping individuals reduce the stress and anxiety that accompanies a career and achieving their personal definition of career success.

Brize helps users increase their wisdom by developing and strengthening emotional intelligence skills, which research determined is the primary contributor to work performance over 100-years ago.

Our enhanced mobile app leads users through an emotional intelligence skills development journey, detailing what each skill is and its value at work and providing development exercises for those skills that need strengthening.

One of the enhancements included in the Brize mobile app is an expanded variety of development exercises available with each skill to ensure we have options that best match the learning styles of all of our users. And we have added progress tracking for each exercise, ensuring our users’ continuous growth and development.

But what really excites us are the new capabilities in the works that we will introduce in the app in the coming months.

We are thrilled by the opportunity to help our users strengthen their wisdom, reduce stress and anxiety, achieve their career purpose, and do great things at work.

We hope you invite us along on your emotional intelligence development journey by downloading the Brize mobile app today —- you can get it free for life when you create an account by June 30, 2021.