Self-Awareness: The Meta-Skill of the 21st Century

This episode’s title is a declaration of why Leslie Ferry created the Bright & Wize podcast and the Brize app. Both aim to raise personal and other self-awareness to fuel career empowerment and success. Self-Awareness is the meta-skill of the 21st century.

Dr. Tasha Eurich coined self-awareness as the “meta-skill of the 21st century.” Dr. Nikki Blacksmith and Dr. Mo McCusker embody this belief and have dedicated their learning, research, and careers to empowering individual and team success through greater self-awareness and self-awareness in relation to others.

In this episode Nikki & Mo share their expertise on:

  • Self-awareness. What it is and how it extends to learning about our colleagues at work.
  • How it drives positive outcomes at work (and in life).
  • How soft skills are critical to strengthening self-awareness.