Employee Engagement Beyond Data Collection

Employees Now Demand Excellence from their Employer

The capabilities evaluation and cultural fit of a prospective new employee is no longer one sided.  Yes, organizations continue to seek exceptional individuals. But those prospects, who have successfully achieved results for others and exhibit consistent values, are evaluating their potential new employer in extreme detail, especially younger workers.  Their desires for an ideal employer extend beyond job content and financial compensation.

Employees are now demanding excellence from their employer.  Our research shows job seekers, and existing employees, are evaluating their employer on the following merits:

  1. Meaningful company and job purpose
  2. Strong corporate culture and values alignment
  3. Work and personal life harmony
  4. A creative, empowering and caring work environment
  5. Technology support of their job responsibilities

At a human level, employees want to feel cared for and valued.  They consider their employer and its members a second family, where they can build strong relationships.

If an employer is not measuring up, data shows workers will move on to one that does.  The average tenure of Millennial employees is just over 2-years, down from 7-years for Gen Xers and 11-years for Baby Boomers. Businesses can no longer simply “sell” a positive employee experience, they must invest in it and live it every day.