Chief Employee Experience Officer

CEOs Add Chief Employee Experience Officer to the C-Suite to Achieve Financial Goals

Innovative organizations understand a delightful customer experience (CX) is driven by an intentional, positive employee experience (EX). Given the importance of creating a seamless link between employee engagement, customer satisfaction and company financial success, CEOs are establishing a critical new role in the C-Suite – the Chief Employee Experience Officer (CEEO).

The competencies required of this strategic position merge responsibilities of several traditional roles — the obvious “people” executive of the CHRO, the planning, communication and measurement focus of the CMO, the digital workplace enablement of the CIO and the execution skills of the head of Operations.

The CEEO needs to successfully execute three key initiatives:

  1. Lead the addition of consumer-focused employee initiatives to their company’s culture
  2. Oversee employee-facing functions
  3. Establish a strategic development practice to employee experience

Employee expectations have evolved, and today’s workforce behaves more like consumers, creating a need for someone who can balance strategic development plans with strong execution and evaluation skills.  This individual needs to be effective in pulling together cross-functional teams to build innovative, holistic solutions.  A Chief Employee Experience Officer also needs to effectively execute the addition of an employee-centric focus across functional areas, joining the existing customer-centric thinking mindset.

This emerging business need for improved employee engagement has re-energized HR teams to demonstrate their strategic thinking and execution abilities.

There are five key tenets the Chief Employee Experience Officer needs to be successful:

  1. Commitment and support of their executive peers
  2. Additional financial and people resources
  3. An open, transparent and supportive culture across the entire organization
  4. Exceptional, influential communication skills
  5. Empathy to respect each individual employee as unique

The CEEO must be measured on the core elements that have driven success for customers and now employees — attraction, retention and development.  Employee analytics are central to measuring success.

It is no surprise the CEEO acronym differs only slightly from CEO, given the strategic focus on all aspects of their internal customer — employees.