Career Transitions & Performance Measurements

These 3 Bright & Wise episodes are the first of several year-end series. We’ll explore traditional career topics from a different viewpoint that broadens your thinking about work. We hope they provide insights that guide your planning for a purposeful and productive 2024.

Entering the workplace

Brize CEO & Bright & Wize host Leslie Ferry dives into performance measurement in the workplace. The reason she wanted to explore this topic is because once stated and understood, the performance measurement seems logical; some might even think, duh. But, the funny thing is they appear more subconscious and are not often explicitly stated in these ways, so she thought she’d explicitly state them.

This first episode looks at the transition from our career prep education, where knowing the answer was the measure of good performance, into the workplace, where the measure of our performance differs.

Managing Others

This Bright & Wize episode discusses how job performance measurements change when individuals start to manage others, whether as a team lead or direct report manager.

Leading Others

The final topic of the Career Transitions and Performance Measurement series is leading others. It starts with two questions. Are you a manager or leader? How do you know? Listen to find out how to recognize your movement into the next career stage.