Brize Adds Career Goal Mapping & Unlimited Messaging

Press Release

Empowering Users to Achieve Their Career Goals With Access to Personal Career Growth & Development Guidance

[Merrifield, VA, October 8, 2021], BrizeTM, an application dedicated to empowering individuals’ career success and strengthening their work mental well-being, today announced two new capabilities that further power its users’ career growth, development and happiness.

First, Brize now includes defined paths to achieve unique career goals. These growth and development journeys integrate specific strategic thinking, collaborative behaviors, and positive mindsets skills to power goal achievement.

Example career goals include:

  • Get a Promotion or Advance Faster in a Career
  • Improve Closed Sales Rates
  • Make a Quick, Positive Impact in a New Job
  • Strengthen Strategic Thinking
  • Demonstrate Greater Confidence
  • Communicate More Effectively
  • Become a Supervisor or Manager
  • Work More Effectively with Colleagues
  • And more

If users have different career goals, they can take advantage of Brize’s new unlimited messaging feature. Users simply message Brize’s team of psychologists and career mentors, describing their current career goal or challenge they face at work. The Brize team then provides personal direction on how to best achieve their goal or overcome their challenge.

“With the greater awareness of the positive benefits of well-developed soft skills in our career comes growing frustration about how to approach developing these essential skills,” said Leslie Ferry, Founder, Brize. “Our unique approach aligns an individual user’s current career goal or objective with practical development approaches to succeed or eliminate the current challenge they face at work. With this approach, we aim to strengthen work mental well-being by powering greater self-awareness and colleague awareness that leads to career empowerment.”



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About Brize

Brize is a digital application designed to help individuals strengthen work mental well-being by developing essential career success skills in the categories of strategic thinking, collaboration behaviors, and positive mindsets. Our approach aligns with today’s emerging professionals preferred learning style and includes skill assessments, on-demand educational content, and development exercises.

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