Bright & Wize is a podcast dedicated to demonstrating how soft skills (at Brize we like to call them Career Empowerment skills), powered by self-awareness, are the key to career success, happiness, and mental well-being. Our guests share their career successes and failures to demonstrate how their commitment to strengthening their career empowerment skills helps them successfully maneuver career challenges and work more productively.

Crazy, Unique Things Happen with a Positive Mindset

Storytelling is a powerful tool for understanding many aspects of life, including the essential work skills that power our best performance. This week’s guest, Scott Montgomery, does just that by sharing an incredibly disappointing experience that led to future, incredible experiences. The ingredient that turned the situation around? He decided to take a positive, learning mindset versus a victim, negative one. His story is an excellent example of how we can all take control of our destiny and achieve our life goals.

While building his IT consulting firm, Worldgate, Scott discovered his passion for helping individuals foster a continuous learner mindset to find their best selves. He obtained an ICF-ACC leadership coach certification to ensure he successfully develops and mentees his employees and others. He now serves as a strategic advisor on Brize’s board and is the author of the upcoming book, How Did You Get Here? Lessons of Unconventional Success, both of which enable him to achieve his goal of helping individuals perform at their best and live their happiest lives.

The Job Performance Syllabus is Opaque Compared to a College Course’s

In this episode, Brize’s founder, Leslie Ferry, reflects on how academic success differs fairly significantly from the approach to performing well in our jobs. Her unique analysis stems from not only her career and education but from her recent years instructing a strategic marketing class in a master’s program. Observing her students heightened her awareness of just how differently success is fueled between the two stages of our lives.

Leslie’s perspective is helpful to individuals who entered the workforce in the last several years and those who manage individuals who entered the workforce in the last five to seven years.

Knowing our Colleagues’ Work Styles is a Key Ingredient to Working Efficiently, Influencing Others, and Succeeding

Knowing our work style and that of your coworkers is a secret ingredient to working efficiently, influencing others, performing at your best, and lower work-related stress and anxiety. This super-power knowledge eliminates misunderstanding and misinterpretations of behaviors. It helps us determine how to best work with others to achieve our goals and influences progress.

Listen to hear more about the four high-level work styles and discover your own.

In 3 individual podcast episodes, Pamela Coleman-Davis joins Leslie Ferry to talk about the ever-present topic of stress.

Part 1: Defines stress and the different levels we can experience.

We all experience stress — there is no escaping it, but we can successfully manage it. But before Leslie and Pam jump to the punchline, they define what stress is compared to burnout in this first chat. They also explain how to recognize where we fall on the stress spectrum from positive, motivational stress to burnout and what lies in between.

Part 2: Reveals the actual sources of stress.

In this episode, Pamela Coleman-Davis and Leslie Ferry dig deep into the actual sources of stress, which go beyond having too much to do, too few resources, and unrealistic deadlines. Although, these can all be factors of stress. Listen to identify what might be your current core source of stress.

Part 3: Offers guidance on how to manage stress.

In this final episode on stress, Pamela Coleman—Davis shares with Leslie Ferry how we can effectively manage our stress to stay at the positive, motivational level.

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