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The Importance of Trust at Work

The foundation of every strong relationship is trust.  Now that work has evolved from a command and control environment (emerging professionals: this was a leadership style where employees just did what their manager said to do, when they were told to do it – no individual thinking, ugh) to a cognitive, collaborative, shared-success environment (yay), strong, […]

Skills Supply & Demand Gap

When you hear the words “skills gap” what immediately comes to mind? Most of us instinctively think technical skills. Whether a mechanic, accountant, or doctor, employees in specific fields have invested time, effort and in some cases, (significant) financial resources to acquire expert technical knowledge for their job.  And when an employer has a position […]

The Value of Setting Goals

As an avid tennis fan, let’s just say for a couple of decades, I’ve not seen the top ranking players shift all that often, especially in women’s tennis.  If you follow sports at all, you most likely know the Williams’ sisters and their dominance of the sport.  But at some point, they too will no […]

CEOs Add Chief Employee Experience Officer to the C-Suite to Achieve Financial Goals

Innovative organizations understand a delightful customer experience (CX) is driven by an intentional, positive employee experience (EX). Given the importance of creating a seamless link between employee engagement, customer satisfaction and company financial success, CEOs are establishing a critical new role in the C-Suite – the Chief Employee Experience Officer (CEEO). The competencies required of this […]

Employees Now Demand Excellence from their Employer

The capabilities evaluation and cultural fit of a prospective new employee is no longer one sided.  Yes, organizations continue to seek exceptional individuals. But those prospects, who have successfully achieved results for others and exhibit consistent values, are evaluating their potential new employer in extreme detail, especially younger workers.  Their desires for an ideal employer […]

Modern Mentoring Models Strengthen Strategic Thinking Skills

Millennials are extremely confident in their technical job abilities.  And why not, they are the most educated generation, in addition to being the largest.  They have been encouraged to excel at every stage of life.  So as intellectual thinkers, it is only natural they want (expect) to offer their thoughts and ideas to the development […]

Five Ways to Make Yourself Invaluable to Your Company

Have you ever walked into your boss’s office to find a room full of executives staring back at you? What do you do?  What do you say?  Do you take a seat, as you usually do, stand or apologize for interrupting and walk away?  Navigating the minefields and ladders of the business world often means […]