What is a Career Performance Coach & Why Do I Need One?

Wondering what a career performance coach is? If you happen to be a sports fan or an athlete yourself, you already recognize the benefits of a performance coach — they improve physical fitness to strengthen performance. The same is true for non-physical dependent careers. In other words, all other jobs.

A career performance coach gains an understanding of how a coachee (the person being coached) approaches work and their current mindsets. This knowledge leads to understanding an individual’s key strengths and defining strategies to develop their growth opportunities.

A career performance coach’s combined goal is to help individuals improve their job performance and lower work-related stress and anxiety.

The coachee’s role.

To experience the extensive benefits of a performance coach, coachees need to commit to honest self-discovery and invest the time and effort to make needed adjustments. Coachees must set aside their egos and remain open-minded to trying and developing new ways of approaching work and building colleague relationships.

This commitment leads to more robust job performance and the ability to balance our work and personal responsibilities successfully.

Where does a career performance coach focus?

Career performance coaches focus on skills and attitudes that extend from our natural intelligence and include intention and interactions.

I3 Intelligence + Intention + Interaction

At Brize, we define the skills and attitudes that power intention and interactions as strategic thinking, demonstrating strategic thinking, collaborative behaviors, and positive mindsets.

How do these skills & attitudes achieve such wide-ranging benefits?

These cognitive skills and mindsets help individuals to:

  • Understand how they think and process information.
  • Effectively present ideas and take actions that illustrate strategic thinking.
  • Understand how they behave at work and, even more importantly, how their teammates interpret their behaviors, and
  • Build positive mindsets, such as resilience and optimism, to overcome conflict and adversity, which is inevitable at work.

Strategic Thinking: Superior strategic thinking is an ability to understand a vague idea or vision and then define strategies to achieve it. A deep understanding of our organization’s goals and purpose and an ability to focus and problem-solve are essential elements of strategic thinking.

Demonstrate Strategic Thinking: Being seen as a strategic thinker requires an ability to organize information, present it in an easily understood way, and take action to achieve goals without being told to do so. Strong strategic thinkers demonstrate their ability through effective communication and taking initiative.

Collaborative Behaviors: To work productively and collaborate effectively with our colleagues, we first need to understand how our co-workers interpret our behaviors and actions. We also need to understand our work style and the different work styles, uniquely human traits, and work stress sources of our colleagues to know best how and when to engage and interact. This vital knowledge leads to positive, productive interactions by eliminating unnecessary frustration, misunderstanding, and conflict.

Positive Mindsets: Negative emotions or mindsets, such as pessimism, anxiety, or fear, can paralyze us, only seeing the challenges of implementing new ideas, fear of making mistakes, or being wrong. Negative mindsets can cloud our thinking, block our abilities to see the possibilities, and stall progress. When we approach work with an optimistic, confident attitude, we eliminate these barriers to achieving our goals.

The downside of a performance coach?

Cost. One-on-one career performance coaching costs between $200 and $350 per hour. That makes it cost-prohibitive for most people, until now.

Brize is a digital career performance coach that offers an affordable option for experience coaching benefits. Our digital approach matches that of the traditional one-to-one option.

  1. Get to know the coachee to identify their strengths and growth opportunities. Brize gains this knowledge through Discovery Questionnaires.
  2. Define a strategy to develop and grow. Each Brize user gets a personalized development approach based on the Discovery Questionnaire information.
  3. Help coachees adapt to perform at their best. Our educational content and varied growth exercises help users achieve top performance, transforming how they work and interact.

Career performance coaches guide individuals to a more productive, collaborative, engaging, and happier work environment.